10 Majors Career Tips Consider While Selecting Career in Nepal

It is difficult to choose which career is suitable for him/her. This problem is creating at student life. There must be needed to choose right career option to reach maximum potential of life and beside it can ruin your future by choosing wrong career options. But don’t worry; here we are sharing 10 Majors Career Tips Consider While Selecting Career in Nepal different ways to choose right career options.

During time of choosing career, many people (your parent, relatives, teachers, friends, etc.) are suggesting you this and that career option choose. But you got dilemma which career option is right for you.

First of we should know why choosing right career is important?

There are many reasons of choosing right career is important which are mentioned below as follows:-

1. To achieve maximum level of potential: If we choose career in the field of interest, we will get maximum potential of life. The work isn’t like a work you enjoying while doing work on your interested field.

2. To get happy in life: Many research said the 90% people didn’t like work but they did because of fear of uncertainties. For the happy work life, choosing a right career is important.

3. To growth: Due to right career, we can achieve high growth in our life because we dedicated to doing work which we need to do.

4. Creativity: Creativity is courses of action which make our work differ from other. With the help of right career, we are always interested to learn new knowledge for the improving your task. By doing and focusing in one field, obviously there is increased the high creativity.

So that choosing a right career is very important and difficult task. Most of people are failed to choose right career. Now, if you are searching how to choose right career, this article may help to find right career for you.

10 Majors Career Tips Consider While Selecting Career in Nepal

  1. Passion or Interest

Every person has their own ability and interest which differs individual from others. Most of case, people or mainly students are choosing their career by influence by other rather than their interested field which is the main reason of having failure or dissatisfied with the work.

For avoiding this, we need to find our passion using finding things:

1. That works which you can do for a long time without taking any break,

2. Enjoying at doing works and happy,

3. Knowledge is secondary but high desire to do,

4. Consult with parents, teachers, relatives while selecting career but choose according interest,

5. Keep in mind every work is career, there is no any small or big works.

6. Avoid monetary aspect while choosing career instead of passion because every work pay high if we are doing effectively.

  1. Your priorities in Life

Your priorities of life can be changed your career options. So, set your life priorities and choose those career which meet by your priorities of life.

  1. Your Skills and knowledge

Consider you knowledge and skills while selecting career which can help you achieve desire goal in short time. Obviously, knowledge and skills are major parameter to get success.

On the other hand, you want to choose this career option which you haven’t any skills regarding this yet. In this situation, you can choose this career options, skills and knowledge can be learned in later.

  1. Experiences

It also plays the vital role of succeed any field. Experience joins the knowledge for a particular field. There is easy to work while choosing career in experience field.

But I want to say like above points, if you are interested of those which you haven’t experiences yet, you can easily collect the experiences.

  1. Career availability

Career availability means career options available in your areas or country. Now this modern technology age, there is created many career options which can doing from home. But some career options limit by the area. So consider your career availability.

  1. Goal of Life

Mainly, people are setting goals two types one is earning huge amount of money or money related and another is social services. First, clear for this goal and compare career with your goal of life. Selecting this if it was met your career goal.

  1. Your personality

Every person has their own personality so that career option is suitable for different by person to person. Mainly, the personality of people can be categories in two parts.

First is extrovert type personality: This personality people want to make new friends, work in groups, friendly, jolly, etc. natures.

Another type of personality is introvert in which interest to doing self, limited friends, less friendly, etc characteristics.

The problem isn’t having such personality but problem is choosing wrong career options. For example, if your nature is extrovert and choosing career like introvert, it can create difficulties and unhappy. Besides, if your nature is introvert and choosing career like extrovert, it can create difficulties and unhappy. So choose right career according your personality.

  1. Education

Some of career options need education, only passion and interest doesn’t works. For example, you want to get government job, there is set limit of education; if you want to become a doctor, you need to pass specific practical and educational degree; if you want to be a layer, it also requires specific educational degree.

Make sure your educational degree must meet your career. You can fulfill educational degree if you really interested to make career in those field.

  1. Talents or Strengths

Every people have some strength from by birth but many people can’t recognize it that can be dancing, singing, writing, speaking, etc.

Good things, you can easily acquire talents on every field if you interested.

  1. Potential growth

Every career options have their own unlimited scope of growth. So choose this career options which can meet your potential growth of career.

Tips: You can consult with career adviser to find suitable career for you. You can find offline or online best career consultant.

Final words: Choosing a right career options is very difficult but crucial. So in this article (10 Majors Career Tips Consider While Selecting Career in Nepal), we are trying to give information while selecting right career.  We hope, it really helps you to find right career option. Please comment in below section if you have suggestions or questions.

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