Best Career Options for Commerce/Management Students in Nepal

Commerce/Management is a popular study faculty after passed class 10 in Nepal. Many popular colleges are offered this course. Majority of Nepalese students take Commerce/Management faculty for their study ahead. In this, we are discussed for “Best career options for commerce/management students in Nepal’.

In Nepal, there are available international management courses in graduation and post graduation in reasonable fees. Most of students take BBS and MBS to graduation and post graduation respectively because of lower fees.

10 Best Career Options for Commerce/Management Students

  1. Accountant

It is a one of the popular career opportunity for management students. Many small, medium and large companies and corporation offer as an accountant in terms of senior or average or lower level. As an accountant, you need to manage accounting of your firm according your positions.

In the accountant, there are many career options under it such as Charter Accountant (C.A.), Auditor, data entry, inventory management; purchase sales account management, etc.

For these positions, you need to academic as well as practical knowledge to do successfully. You can start from normal positions and upgrade positions while gathering knowledge and experiences. The salaries of accountants are good as accounting positions.

  1. Banks

It is another best career alternative for management students. In Nepalese context, there are mainly private and government banks which provide many career alternatives.

For government bank, it has offer different positions career opportunity for management students. For every position required to pass stipulate degree to apply like intermediate level, bachelor level or master level.

The process of selecting to government bank isn’t easy task and reputed career options due to job security and better salary. The requirements of getting government banks is required degree for specific positions, then passed in written exam in different phase and interview.

For private banks; as government bank, private banks also have same procedure to select to different level. Besides, private bank also offers as a trainee without having experiences but required at least intermediate degree. There is also attracted of management or commerce students due to better salary.

  1. Stock Market

Stock market is a secondary market for share trading of listed companies. It is a good source of getting passive income if we invested in right company through bonus and stock price.

In Nepalese context, stock market is growing rapidly and people are attracting to invest their money. So there is created a better career opportunity for management students. The main career options in financial sector are financial adviser, broker, financial analyst, and many more. So this is a better career options.

  1. Manager

It is another better career options for management students as both monetary and reputation. For every small to large corporation require manager to manage their different tasks. For examples, marketing manager, HR manager, sales manager, purchase manager, financial manager, investment manager, production department manager, etc. are popular manager positions in single firms.

The required qualification for the post of manager is stipulate or specific academic degree, work experiences, communication skills, leadership, etc in order to maximize department as well as organizational performance.

  1. HR officers

It is another reputed career options for management students. Every organization and company want to recruit quality worker or employee for their company which works done by through experience HR officers specialization on this field.

For doing this job, you need to have good experience, knowledge on different field, psychological skills of human, etc. This can be done within organization as a HR officer or out organization by giving freelance services.

  1. Consultant

Consultant is a person who has knowledge and experience on particular field in order to suggest other betterment. There are many different field of consultant such as career consultant, financial consultant, relationship consultant, etc. So if you want to make career in this field, you choose first specific field where you have interested.

  1. Teacher

It is popular and respective one of the best career to the management students. After getting specific degree, you can start from lower classes and join later high classes while collecting better experiences and knowledge. As a teacher, you can earn decent amount of money with social respect.

  1. Entrepreneur

Entrepreneur is a person who executes ideas to action plan. A management student has basis concept about how to generate business ideas, how to start business, financial knowledge, rivalry skills, human behavior skills, accounting knowledge, etc. which helps to start and running a successful business.

  1. Trainer

Management students also can make a trainer who help to people learn many hard and soft skills like technical skills, communication skills, motivation, business ideas generation to execution, leadership, spots etc. or anything. If you want to be a trainer, choose a field and start gather knowledge and experiences which you have spread later to other people as a trainer.

  1. Top Executive

To running a successful business plays the major roles by top executive of the organization. We saw many examples in this business world that is business are ruined by the mistakes of top executive.

So it can pay more than you expect but before you need to gather knowledge and skills to lead a business in success or growth its path.

Hope, you got 10 Best Career Options for Commerce/Management Students in this post.

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