How to Get Bank Job in Nepal Best Tips for Students

A job in banks is another career option for students who are reading management. Many students have doubts and problems not getting proper guide for how to get a bank job in Nepal. We are detailing today for criteria and qualifications to get a banks jobs in Nepal.

Nowadays, students are attracting in the banking sector to make a career because there are operating a few bank by going into merging and salary of banking sector in Nepal is too good than other sector.

Government and private sector banks are offered career opportunity in Nepal. There are different ways of acquisition of employee both of these sectors.

In government bank, after passing +2 with specified subjects and educational division, you are eligible for applying job in government bank. Nepal Rastra Bank and Rastirya Banijya Bank are offer banking job in government sector. Students are attracting those banks reason by its job security, well salary, bonus, and other facilities.

But there is not easy to getting government job because of high competition. If you passionate for this career, you can obviously gets this.

Now we are discussing to way of getting bank jobs in Government Banks and Private Banks separately. First we leant about the way of getting job in Private Banks in Nepal.

  1. Academic Requirement and other Eligibility

You must have to stipulate academic degrees with distinctive marks. Some Private Banks barrier to applying job due to lack of prescribe marks. After checking your academic certificate with your CV and other skills, they may shortlist for next process.

  1. Skills and Experience

Most of banks aren’t required experience for junior level but there are needed to skills with experience for above post. So there is two cases, one is start from junior if you’re fresher. Many private banks are offered to join as trainee and enhance your positions after you acquire some skills and experiences.  But some time banks offered job for those candidates whose have excellent academic qualification. If you have good academic qualification in high school and after high school then banks might be offer you job.

Besides, some colleges are sent their students to the academic practical in these banks. From this, you also can acquire the some skills and experiences.

Another case is, you have already basic knowledge for the banking sectors and you want to promotion of your positions in this case helps your existing skills and experiences.

However, you want to get job direct in government banks in this case you don’t need any skills and experience but you have prescribed academic qualification to apply specific positions.

  1. Written exam and Interview

You must have to pass these steps after in shortlisted that are written exam and interview. Private Bank is asked related field questions in written exam and interview.

Most of cases, written exam questions are repeated from general awareness (GK) and intelligence questions (IQ) related to banking and financial sectors.

If you are a fresher candidate and want to get bank job fast then you can join the coaching center where teacher guides you how to prepare the exams and provides you importance questions and answers.

There is high competition in government banks as compare to private banks in Nepal. So that, you have to prepare compete others and pass the written exam and interview.

  1. Selection

After evaluating all your qualifications and skills then they decided to hire you or not. If you are passing these steps, you are eligible to get stipulate post jobs in banks.

Another important way of getting bank jobs in Nepal is government bank job. In case of government banks, the selection process is by passing the exam and interview. Finally, respective government bodies published the results including orderly name that has pass from previous processes.

Extra Tips for how to get banks job in Nepal beyond mentioned above:

Passion: Getting job in banking sectors in Nepal is little difficult in these days due to job attraction, decent salaries and concessions, reputation etc. So you need to passionate about getting job in Banks.

First and second attempt, you may pass or may fail in exam and interview. So if you are really passionate for make career in banking sectors, you have need the quality of passion and sacrificing present to the best future.

Regularity: It is a key point of getting success in any fields. Make a prefer study schedule and prepare for the next exam. I see, almost candidates are preparing during the exam and there is not prepare well. They got fail and said that they gave multiple times and faced failure. This is big mistake so you need to have aware about it.

Improve your skills: Many times, we get failure in the interview while passing the written exam even getting high rank. This is because having by many reasons such as communication skills, confident, personality, speaking style, etc so before facing interview you need to aware about these.

Do not worry my dear friends, if you haven’t some of these skills because you can improve these skills easily in some days or months.

Consult: You can consult from those who have the knowledge and experience on this field. They can guide you in detail that makes easier your banking career journey.

Hope, if this post, you got that what we are trying to say. We discuss importance things we need to consider while preparing the banking job’s exam. Wish you good luck for your next banking exam and banking career.

Let us know in comment section if you need any help from our side. We are always ready to help you as possible.

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