Easy ways on How to learn English Language by Nepalese

The English language is an international language. I think all people should learn this language. But we can’t found ways and techniques that help us learned the English language in a short period of time. Here I am going to share my experience during learned the English language. I hope, it helps you at the time of learning English.

During my college time, I felt my English language is very poor. I must have to learn the English language to grow in my life. Today’s world is information technology means the internet. We can get a lot of knowledge by using the internet. But there is a problem for Nepali medium students who study in a government school. I also studied in a government school. So, obviously my English speaking and writing is poor.

I couldn’t understand English language content in books even internet videos and articles.  At that time, I started learning the English language from starting. But I have some knowledge about the Basic English language studied in school and college but I can’t write, speak, and read.

I started to study all books in the English language from the Nepali medium studying in college. This whole year, I am tried to learn English and I gave the final exam in the English medium because I studied English. I felt in the exam, I have been doing wrong taking English. I can’t write all questions’ answers even easy questions by English. However, I gave all subjects exams in the English medium.

Finally, I passed the exam with good marks. Now, my English isn’t very good but it is going to improve day by day. I am also trying to make well English speaking and writing. I can understand easily these days that contents are written or express in English. I learned many things from the internet through reading articles and watching videos.

After learning the English language, my life drastically changed and I thought that my decision for learning English is right even taking the risk in the exam. So, I am going to share here how I am learned English? And also describe the ways and technique I am following on these days in below:

Easy ways on How to learn the English Language by Nepalese

  1. Take Decision

First, you should make the decision for learning the English language. Many students belong from government schools; they never can take the decision for improving their English language. I suggested some of my friends who are belonging from the Nepali medium for learned English. But they said that it is hard for learning and it must take too leaned many months’ even years.

I am also confusing at the time of changing my medium of study, but I took the risk and improve somewhat English. So, first, decide to learn English whatever others are saying on behalf of yours. In the future, it really helps you take growth in your life.

  1. Strong Reason

You have to strong reason for learning the English language, reason maybe communicates with a foreigner, learn from the internet that actually my reason, get higher marks in an exam, growth on your business, and etc. It is fact, without any proper reason we can’t get that goal. The reason may emotionally and behaviorally attach you with your goals. So, I strongly suggested all of you who want to really learn the English language.

  1. Start From Zero

If you have known about the basics that’s good, but you are beginners then learn like a child. A child is first to listen from parents and others and h/she tried to copy from others. You follow this way of improving your English language. You can watch cartoon videos to start because there was using simple words due to easy understand for children.

Continually read English language books, articles, newspapers, watch English movies with English subtitles and others that help you create an English environment. After some time it really helps you to improve your English.

But consider one thing; don’t learn grammar from the starting phase. Later on, you can learn after your knowledge somewhat improving.

  1. Motivate Yourself

After some days, you got bored and give up learning the English language. But this situation, stay motivated by doing these things like how is English helps you in the future, its benefits, and etc. Motivation is needed for any work successfully.

  1. Give Continuity

Another important point for learning any things in a stipulated time or short period is continually following that goal. Regularly, learning new words, try to make sentences using these words, try to speak, reading, listening, and watching videos to grow up in English.

  1. Daily Learn

Don’t stay the same words and sentences for the coming following days. Add some extra effort to learning new words and sentences. These days, you can easily get learning material from the internet, reinforce you can get paid teacher to help you for improving your language.

  1. Never Translate words

We have a habit to translate words Nepali into the English Language. It isn’t the right way of learning English. Try thinking in English and say in English. Translation way is hard to learn. Most of the time, you can’t properly translate all sentences.

  1. Ready to abandon shame

People may say you try to be a foreigner, they achieved goals without English, don’t waste time, we can’t learn, etc. but you regularly try to learn new. Speak in the English language, sing English songs, and watch English movies, etc. activities by abandoning your shame.  After some time your English communication and speaking will be drastically improving.

Find a friend who is trying to learn the English language like you and communicate with each other to indicting mistakes.

  1. Make milestone

You bound yourself as a fixed time frame to learn the English language like for three months, six months, or a year.  Without any fixed time we can’t get any goals and it takes a long time to achieve even sometimes we can’t achieve this.

In short, leaning the English language isn’t an easy task if you thought too easy to learning. But if you have a desire to learn the anyhow the English language, it is not hard for you. However, you are ready to give your full efforts to learn English.

At the beginning time, just you try to learn the maximum new words and their use in sentences and ignore grammar. For example; we can easily speak the Nepali language but maximum people aren’t knowledgeable about Nepali grammar even they speak well. So, the starting phase gives priority to learn new words. And secondly, try to make English friendly environment like study English, watch English movies, try to sing English songs, try to speak in English, etc. activities that help you learn English.

You can share your experience in the learning process of the English language. Share your ways of learning English if it’s different and effective for others, please share in the comment section below in this post. Thank you.


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