How to make happy for the Boss getting Job Upgrade

Every person isn’t the owner of businesses or organizations because they didn’t want to take any risk in their life. So, they prefer merely to work as an employee but not an owner. Some jobs save your future like a government job but it is un-secure in a private job. For getting job enhancement and growth you will make happy for your boss by your working skills and relationship with the boss.

Some people haven’t such quality or idea for making happy for a boss. For this reason, they aren’t getting growth from their job even they have good working skills. If you have already an idea about this, then you can leave this. It may be very helpful for those who want to make happy for the boss but they haven’t any ideas. We are mentioning below important tips for you getting drastically growth in your job:

Best tips on how to make happy for the Boss getting Job Upgrade

1. Be Humble

All bosses are wanting to quality of humble from their employees. If you have this quality, you are one step ahead than other employees. But you haven’t this quality, don’t worry you can easily access this in you after some weeks.
All the responsibility fulfill by giving your full potential.

2. Don’t say small Mistake

Some of you are saying all mistakes for your boss. If this mistake doesn’t affect business and the boss can’t know in the future, don’t share these types of mistakes. Always say that mistake which can affect your business. If you don’t say these mistakes, you may fire from your job. So, make the decision according to the effect of mistakes.

3. Never Argue with Boss

During the working time, the boss may be scolded with you for your mistakes. Some people are trying to make the right argument with boss but it is not right way. If you do a mistake, say sorry to get rid of these matters. It makes your good impression on the view of your boss. Besides, if you argue with the boss and he goes from his ego, you will be losing your job.

4. Make Dependent

Another way of securing your job is to make dependent your boss on behalf of your. Trying to doing this work which maintain by the boss and make them dependent. If you are able to do this, your boss will never think to replace you from the job.

5. Give Extra Effort

My friends suggest me doing only office time why you give extra efforts for this. They didn’t give extra pay or upgrading you. They also said that discuss with your boss and say increase your salary and minimize your working time. I ignore all these things suggested to my friends.

After some years, they are in the same position but I got a promotion and increase my salary scale. So, I want to only say from my experience give some extra effect to your job and take responsibility for your post. After some time you obviously get promotions even you learn extra things which help you survive in the future. Don’t get fear for giving extra effort if you want to stay this company in the long run.

6. Doing Multiple Task

There are having many tasks in your office. People are only doing this work on which task comes to their responsibility. If you want to come in the eye of the boss, you need to do something extra than others to get the boss’s attention. You can cover other tasks relative to your work. It can help you increase your grade of positions.
We listen to many news, the owner is giving various offers and facilities for highly productive employees. You may be making yourself one of the lucky people.

7. Listen your Boss

People want to share their feeling with those people who hear their gossip. The organizer and owner share their vision and goal with the office staff. You can take benefit of these office activities. Show your interest in these activities and asked some related questions. You seem different from other employees because it seems you started involving them.

8. Appreciate Boss’s Works

Every person wants to get appreciate their works from others. You can take benefit to appreciate bosses ‘ work differently than others. But careful, it doesn’t seem like fake or unrealistic. Please give a genuine compliment to your boss on behalf of his works or ideas. Although, other employees are maybe also giving appreciation. But you can try something extra than other employees.

9. Say Bad News from Other

Sometime of operation, there will come some bad news like losses, legal actions, market down, and etc. You can use your colleague to share bad things or news for your boss. It is not right but it works.

There is compulsive to share with your boss and you can’t find another way to share bad news. In this case, you can share bad things including some good things. It can help to decrease anger in your boss.

10. Share Idea with Boss

I have experience of this incident when I studied in college. The teacher was teaching us and asked questions. My all friends can’t say the right answer. I am gradually a shared answer with my friends who seat with me on the same bench. He said answered and got appreciated by friends and teachers. Others count him as a talented person even that answer was mine.

After this incident, I learned to say a good idea or solution yourself to getting appreciation. Don’t worry if it was going wrong because you even try to say. So, share your ideas with your boss or hakim via yourself.

11. Give Support during Business Down

It is a difficult situation for every organization when business was going down. In that situation, don’t leave your boss even you can’t get a salary from some weeks or months. It creates a believed atmosphere for you in an organization. In the future, you can get a promotion from your boss.

Finally, we are sharing all the things which can make us happy with our boss. I hope this idea helps you get benefits for your promotion or job increment. If there is leave something else from these ideas, please share with us in the below comment part.

Thank You.

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