How to Pass Loksewa Exam/Competitive Exam in Nepal

Almost all people want to get government jobs due to job security but it is not easy for everybody because a candidate must need to pass different phases to get a job like written exam pass, interview pass, etc. So, people say it is difficult to get a government job by passing these phases. But don’t worry now we are going to discuss trick how to pass Loksewa/competitive exam in Nepal.

People are giving up after facing failure in competitive exams. Almost every person who meets whatever they are also participating once or twice in the Loksewa exam but they got failure and they gave up. Consider these following things during the time of preparation competitive exam. These are mentioning as follows;

How to Pass the Loksewa Exam/Competitive Exam in Nepal

  1. Decide your destination

Someone else can’t reach their destination without any goal. If you decide your career in the government sector and want to do a job in civil services, it is your first step in goal setting.

Secondly, choose which sector you want to make a career such as the banking sector, police, army, various government corporations and institutions, Nijamati, school, and etc.

  1. Focus on your goal

After choosing the right career for you then continually focus on your goal. Regularly get an update on your field and studying for your specific goals. Don’t taking more than one goal in once time because you can’t focus properly on your goal. You can do other things after getting success in your field. So, focus on your goal before getting success. Give your 100% potential to achieve this.

  1. Continuity

Another important thing for achieving success is continually followed your goal before achieving it.   Some students are only reading at the period of vacancy announced by government bodies. It is not fear if you really want to get a job in government sectors because there is massive competition these days.   So, there isn’t another way to get success instead of continually preparing for your competitive exam.

  1. Manage your Time

Time management is another important aspect for everyone who is preparing a competitive exam. In the students’ phase, there is a lot of other subjects to study with preparing competitive exam. So, time management is an essential skill for every field.

Make sure continually giving time for both types of subjects viz. your academic books and competitive exam preparation books.

You can check our another article about Time Management Skill

  1. Follow your Role Model

Choose your role model from your career sector who already gets success in this field. Try to find out that success trick from various sources like their interview, read books written by them, direct discussion, and etc. Also, try to stay around those persons who are working now or preparing an exam in your sector. If you can’t found and create that environment, follow those people in interviews, books, social media, youtube videos, etc. sources just try to make a relative environment.

  1. Never Give Up

Success may not come your once or two attempts, it may take more attempts. Make your mentality you should not give up, anyhow want to get success overcoming from various circumstances.

Some of the participants are leaving this after an attempt once or twice. But you shouldn’t do this if you want to get a government job. Follow continually your goal and improve yourself day by day after some attempts success is yours because one saying is famous everywhere that is a success isn’t private for once, everybody can succeed if their goal is fitting for them and can give efforts.

  1. Don’t Make more Friends

At this time, you may sacrifice many things like outgoing with friends, film, parties, etc. programs and meet up. Make limited friends for this time. It is more beneficial if your friends are also preparing competitive exams as you field.

You can make a group include two or three-member for studying to share the idea and ask each other which known by others and also discuss confusing topics.

Some mistakes occurring during preparing competitive exam

Every person is getting a problem during preparing a competitive exam. Most of the participants are students so they have faced the struggle of finance. They want to take their expenses by doing a job. Most job holders are not able to give focus on their study and preparation of government job exams.

So, in this phase try to minimize your expenses and give continue to preparing competitive exams for getting a government job.  Give continuity and not give up unless getting success.

Some mistakes are:

  1. Multiple sectors

Students select the multiple sectors to prepare government exam in sense one of them will be clear and gets government jobs. I have also experienced this. But it is wrong. It will not lead you to achieved success in any field. So I recommended you choose a specific topic that you want to get success and prepare this and not try to choose multiple sectors.

  1. Distractions of Jobs

It is a big problem for today’s students. Students cannot decide the career option which is really suitable for them. Students are trying to experience every field to do choose a career. Another main problem is, saw the other success and choose these fields.

For avoiding these problems, you should choose your own field which you must have interested even knowledge can be developed by consulting your teachers, parents, other relatives to find your niche career.

  1. Other Distractions

Now this day, most of our time kills by social media. We all are using social media and the internet for just using in unproductive sectors such as chatting, watching videos, scrolling timelines, etc. However, the internet can help you to acquire knowledge and skills.

  1. Time Management

When you are preparing a competitive exam, time management is very important. You have to use the maximum time to prepare a competitive exam. For this, you can make a proper schedule to manage your time. First, list out your all works and scheduling them according to your preferences.

Hope you, fiends, you find this article very helpful to add some value for understanding to pass the competitive exam in Nepal through Loksewa Aayog Nepal. If you have quires related to this topic, please comment in the below section. We will reply to you as soon as possible.

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