How to Read Book Effectively One Day before Exam – Exam Tips

Exam, after listen this word, almost every student from talent, average to lower got troubled. So, if you are a student and gets fear to how to read book effectively one day before exam, this will help you learn tips and tricks.

One day before exam, there is impossible to cover all syllabuses in one day. It is effective for those students who are studied previously or not studying before exam.

I also recommended for you studying all stuffs beforehand exam unless waiting for last minutes of exam.  It helps you reduce stress raise at the exam time. You thought that you have already studied all stuffs which help to build your confidence to the exam. Confidence for the exam is important to score high.

Okay, let starts today’s topic how to read book effectively one day before exam is explained in below:

8 Tips How to Read Book Effectively One Day before Exam

  1. Check Your Syllabus

First of all, we need to check our syllabus before starting study. It makes clear about the topics which have included in our course. The syllabus of all subjects included into beginning part of book or can find through the internet or friends.

  1. Check Previous Questions

Check the previous questions from the question bank where included questions have been already asked. It can help to find questions pattern ask in exam such as marks, questions by chapters, etc.

We can also buy the solution of this question bank by which help to save our time with the solution of the questions.

  1. Separate Important Questions

After checking old questions, we can separate important questions from the old question bank. For example, some chapter questions are fixed to asked in every exam, find the most frequently ask questions, that chapter which already have  known little bit.

  1. Time Manage

Most of our time kills by unnecessary things like social media, TV, video game, calls, etc. So that, we need to avoid these unnecessary things in order to get more effective study at the exam time.

Make a proper study timetable includes break time in 40/50 minutes different for effective study. Keep in mind one things, it is the last time to study to pass the exam and motivate you to study.

  1. Take Break

Taking break helps to refresh you to next study time. Only studying for long time is not important but important is how you do study. So take break while studying.

However, it is important how to get this break time. Some students are opened social media for a while but it takes many hours without knowing which also reduces our productivity. For avoiding this, we can talk our relatives, work around the house, view outdoor from the house, etc.

This is okay if you aware the time use in social media and YouTube to watch motivation and inspiring videos.

  1. Read only Selected Chapter

For the last time of exam, we can’t cover all chapter if we can it would be less effective instead of studying selected chapter. It is beneficial because questions can be asked in form of choose all most every level questions pattern.

Optional questions can be asked or not in exam easily finds from the question bank. If it includes in your exam, it helps to get when high marks only studying selected chapters.

  1. Ask your Talent Friends

Obviously, you have those friends who are better in study. You can take help from these friends because they know about the important questions asked in exam even most of time came these questions actually in exam. So we can be asked for these friends to know the important and frequently asked questions.

  1. Don’t Distract

We need to be concentrate on our study at this day by avoiding distraction. That can be phone, friends, family member whoever and whatever, just give attention on your study.

Finally, hope all of you who are reading this article (How to Read Book Effectively One Day before Exam – Exam Tips) at the end find the many tips and tricks to study in last time of exam and you will do best in exam.

But my suggestion is please read from starting of studying unless waiting at the last exam time. It would be better to get high marks as well as good knowledge.

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