Offline Jobs for Students in Nepal – 12 Best Part Time

Well dear students, are you searching best part time offline jobs in Nepal. If yes, it will help you find best part time job for you.

There may be many reasons that a student wants to doing job that is poor financial condition of family, want to independent, for the pocket money, learn new skills, buy a product, etc.

12 Best Part time Offline Jobs for College going Students in Nepal

  1. Part time Teacher

If you are interested to teach others, part time teacher would be suitable for you. You can get decent amount of money by doing this job. Moreover, it helps to improve your confidence, communication skills, knowledge, persuasion skills, etc which help you grow in future.

You can find students near you who want to take tuition. Another option is make some prints about your teaching including your contact details and posted it the place where place are met or major part of your city. Interested students and parents are contacted you who want to coaching.

While contacting, you can clear them about your fees, teaching hour, time, subjects etc and confirmed whither you are ready or not to teaching.

  1. Cashier

You can do cashier job in different organizations, banks, etc. Major hired for the cashier in banks and large seller organizations. You can do there and it not to be needed any skills. Students can easily do this.

  1. Call CenterĀ 

It is another option of part time job for students. Many companies are providing customer care service for their customer for letting know about problems, information, guidance, etc. Companies are trying to provide 24 hours this service so they divided it for different sections.

You can join call center with managing time.

  1. Photographer

If you are interested to captured photo then photographer job option is suitable for you. You can provide sole or team service for different programs like marriage, birthday, anniversary, annual function of school, college, organization, programs etc. For this, they pay well amount of money for you.

  1. Server at Restaurant

Many hotels and restaurant demand part time worker as a servant. Because of they want to save their money. Every hotel and restaurant has pick hour in a day, which can be different according to the hotels and restaurants such as school’s canteen, bars, highway hotel, restaurant, etc. They hire part time worker for these pick hour. You can find the hotel according you time.

  1. Library Assistant

Many colleges and schools hire library assistant to manage the library. This is easy and simple job which takes less time and effort. In your school or college, the post of library assistant may be vacant make sure and start doing part time job.

  1. Video Editor

If you have skill about video editing, you can approach people. It is suitable for those students who have already skills about how to edit videos. Doing some projects, you made good money for your educational expenses.

  1. Accountant

Part time accountant is a other job option for management students whose have knowledge about general accounting. By doing these jobs, it makes your plus point in future. So if you are interested doing accounting job. Why do you waste your time start from today?

  1. Offline Typing

Many companies offer this type of job. They provide you raw files or photo, video or print forms which you need to type and sent them. There is not any time rigid so that you can do any time while you are free. Moreover such type of job, you can get from many websites, companies, and personal even your locality.

First, you need to find these services needed person then offer them to do tying. After once or two services, you find other tying projects.

  1. Book Shop

For students, it is another better option to do part time offline job because it is easy. You can take many benefits from it such you can freely read various books, relationship with educated people and etc.

  1. Content Writer

If your writing skill is quite better, you can join this job. Many professionals and companies hire content writer for them. You can get content writer job through online or offline.

Find it and do.

  1. Fitness Trainer

Now these days, people are concerning with their health too much than few years back. They hire personal and family fitness trainer for you if you have fitness skill. If you don’t have fitness skill, you easily can learn it.

Moreover, you can contact with the professional fitness trainer to find your customer. After sometimes, people will contact you to take fitness service. s

Hope you dear friends; we think (Offline Jobs for Students in Nepal – Best Part Time) it is really help you find your offline part time job in your interested field. If you have additional ideas and want to share, please do comment in below section that can help other students who are searching offline part time job to fulfill their different needs.

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