How to write Attractive Answer in Theory Subject in Exam

Hello Students, we can get full marks in numerical exam by solving the problem but there is not easy to get high marks in the theoretical subject. At last, marks of the theoretical subjects can hamper your whole percentage. So, today, we are going to discuss another topic related study that is how to write an attractive answer in theory subject in the exam to increase your final percentage.

Students are saying there is a difficult task to get high marks in theory subjects. But it is not right because many students are getting high marks in theory subject than numerical subject. So, we can conclude, there is also the potential to get higher marks in theory subjects.

Follow these exam tips for getting good marks in the theoretical exam:

  1. Handwriting

Some students are saying their handwriting is good but they can’t get good marks in the exam and other types of students are saying their writing, not good compare to others but they get good marks. So, we can conclude, clear handwriting is important not to very good or bad.

But one thing considers, if your handwriting is good then continues it, but your handwriting is bad and hard to write then you need to improve.

I asked my teacher about this topic. He said if your handwriting is clear, it is sufficient to get good marks in theory subject but your content is king. He also suggested me you focus on your content if your handwriting has clear.

My dear friends, my handwriting does not look beautiful but it clear. In my theoretical exam, I got good marks.

  1. Presenting Style

Another element of affecting your marks in the exam is your presenting style of answer. If your presentation is clear, different, and attractive than other’s answers, there will increase the chance to get good marks. Teachers are seeking only answer writing patterns in the whole teaching career. So, make sure your writing style is different than others. It really works because I used it in my exam time. My answer writing pattern of the theoretical subject in the exam is the following:

For example;

Question: What is Financial Market? Also, write types of the financial markets? (10)

Answer: A) Financial Market refers to a market where financial securities like share, bond & debenture are tread together investors.  It is ……………………………… (Write 5/6 line)

B) After giving one or two-line gap, mention one or two person’s definitions like

According to MR. GK, ‘Financial Market is a …………………………’

C) Describe these definitions in your own words in three-four lines.

D) Make a figure indicating types of financial markets like 1, 2, 3, 4, or in numbering, in the diagram, etc in figure looks beautiful and helps you for getting the attention of a copy checker.

E) Describe in details of types of financial markets that mention you in above.

F) Give an attractive conclusion with your views.

Finally, I followed this way of writing an answer. It helps me get higher marks than other friends in the exam. I hope, it also helps you get higher marks in theory subject. If you have another idea like this, please share in below comment section. Please also give your view about this my answer writing method of theory subjects in the exam to get good marks. Thank you. Stay tuned.

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